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  • Howling Moon Records sampler Vol.1 out NOW for FREE! Hosting and boasting the likes of Beat Poet Bennie Torrance, Rise Of The Echo Drone, Filth Spector, Los Tentakills, Al Hotchkiss, Von Wilhelm, Persian Claws, […]

  • Mog/ wrote a new post, Until Sunrise, on the site Rss News May 28, 2015 06:40

    UNTIL SUNRISE is a Post Rock/Progressive Rock band from Frederick MD. Formed by guitarist Joe Dorsey, bassist Tanner Beard, Sam Dorsey on drums, and David Glaze guitar. Their self-titled release was released on […]

  • David Norman wrote a new post, Q AND NOT U, on the site Rss News May 28, 2015 01:51

    BandQ AND NOT UGenresPunk / Rock / Indie Rock / Math Rock / Garage Rock / Post-Hardcore / Alternative / Dance / SynthRelated artistsCorm, The Elusive, Georgie James, Paint Branch and Title Tracks.<br […]

  • Czech post-metal/hardcore band founded in 2010. he album was recorded in July 2012 in Sonidos Studio ( and the its main theme is the life of Ukrainian anarchist Nestor Machno (Несtор Іванович […]

  • twinz2z wrote a new post, "The Annunaki", on the site Rss News May 27, 2015 15:28

    ThumbnailKORSAKOFF’S SYNDROME by The AnnunakiFrom “England”NEW. UpDaTe.“The Annunaki”“Hurrian Songs”“KORSAKOFF’S SYNDROME”“Set The Land Aflame”FREE Download Some of the grooviest Psychedelic, free Improvisational sounding, […]

  • ThumbnailBand: 昴宿 PleiadesAlbum: M45Label: Self ReleasedYear: 2015Tracklist01. 一起上太空吧!! (Fly To The Space Together)02. 我的青春還有178年 (178 Years Left For My Youth)03. 冬之晨 (Winter Morning)04. 最後一回春雷 (The Final Spring Thunder)<br […]

  • Mog/ wrote a new post, We Had A Deal, on the site Rss News May 27, 2015 09:47

    WE HAD A DEAL love to write conceptual records. Their last LP “Dialectics” (2012) was one of the most consistent Germany Hardcore/Screamo records of recent times, mostly because of its sophisticated thematic […]

  • Mog/ wrote a new post, Tomorrow, St. Peter, on the site Rss News May 27, 2015 09:13

    Tomorrow, St. Peter is a Swedish math rock/indie band. Started in 2012 by guitarists André and Simon Ampuero, vocalist/keyboardist Axel Ljungstrom, bassist Joel Petersson Ivre and drummer Simon Dovhage, the band […]

  • Mog/ wrote a new post, HC-B, on the site Rss News May 27, 2015 08:45

    All of HC-B’s members have been friends in their hometown of Catania, Sicily since childhood. Gianluca Napoli (guitar, bass, keyboards, theremin, vocals) and Salvatore Fichera (guitar, bass, clarinet, vocals) […]

  • Mog/ wrote a new post, IN CAUDA VENENUM, on the site Rss News May 27, 2015 08:15

    Started in 2010, IN CAUDA VENENUM deliver a form of solemn yet radiant Black Metal tinged with a Post Rock feeling. The band first full length was released in April 9th on Emanations, a division of French label […]

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